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One of the main reasons I started this blog was so that I could more easily share photos and anecdotes about adapting to life in Switzerland with all of you. This post is for my dad, who has already asked multiple times to see more of my neighborhood. So, on my post-run walk to the local Coop grocery store a few days ago I took these photos.
One of the most interesting features of Swiss residential architecture, at least on Speerstrasse, is the mix of traditional and modern structures and the plethora of wild paint colors. The first house is definitely my favorite, but if the top floor of the coral apartment building is anything like I imagine it (a spacious penthouse with lake views and large patios) then I wouldn’t mind living there either.

The last photo is a perfect example of interesting paint choices. Split right down the middle this building is both yellow-tan and white and purple.  Is it owned by someone who couldn’t make up their mind? Did they start painting on one-side but couldn’t afford to finish the whole building? I guess I’ll never know.

IMG_1254 IMG_1252

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