haus to home: *nearly* furnished flat

With unpacking, arranging, and mid-week cleaning complete, I’m finally ready to share an updated pictorial tour of our flat (aka apartment, but I’m trying to integrate some of the British-English words that are primarily used here).

All lights have been hung, and nearly all major furniture purchases made. Now we’re just missing the details–dining and living room rugs, coffee and end tables, TV and stereo cabinet, desk and filing cabinet, nightstands, and lamps for the living room and guest rooms. And eventually I will have to do something about the guest room closet. But for now, I’m seeing progress. And I like what I see . . .

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  1. Marcellajean
    Marcellajean says:

    Thanks for posting pictures! It is fun to see your apartment coming together. I love the curtains in the living room, I have been looking for something similar for our bedroom window.


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