and the sheep graze

Apparently the arrival of warm late Spring weather also means it is time for the flowers to bloom and the sheep to graze in Friedhof Manegg. I stopped to say hi (and baa at them like a crazy girl) on my last run a few weeks ago. They looked happy. One lamb scampered in circles around the others and it made me realize one of the things I like most about Zürich so far: our proximity to farm animals.

IMG_1364 IMG_1363

Now I know that this probably sounds a bit funny, but I really enjoy seeing how the lines of city and country are so blurred here. (And I’m not talking about the backyard chicken craze that was so popular in Seattle.) I ride past happy bell-wearing cows on the train downtown, more sheep on our way to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants, weed-crunching goats along the river running path, and a stable full of cheery ponies on the way to watch Martin throw. All of these animals just fit right into the landscape, and their grassy knolls merge city with country so nicely.

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