september saturday in lucerne

Two months ago, when the weather was still warm, Martin and I visited Lucerne. I had never been before, and Martin thought it would be a fun Saturday afternoon getaway. It was so much fun to spend a couple of hours lazily wandering the streets and taking in all the sights. We walked through the old town (and a cool craft market), found a great lounge chair (we will be going back for it next spring), and squeezed in with all the shoppers at the flagship Bucherer store to check out the watch displays.

Lucerne was packed with tourists, primarily Chinese vacationers (by the busload). While it was a nice detour from a Zurich afternoon, it did make me feel really thankful that Zurich streets never seem (never are?) as packed full of tourists all the time. If I lived there I’m not sure I could ever feel at home. Maybe it is just because there are more expats in Zurich, but I like that shopkeepers don’t always treat me like I’m just another tourist.

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