life without martin / a tribute to brown fleece

While Martin was away in Seattle, Kamloops, and the UK he suggested a post with the above title. You see, I have an addiction to fleece. The problem is that after I get home from work I immediately change into more comfy clothes, and usually this means that I put on my favorite brown fleece zip sweatshirt. I am loathe to admit it, but occasionally I also wear brown fleece pants that don’t entirely match the sweatshirt. (Martin hates this combination.) I don’t find it stylish, but since I’m looking for comfort, I don’t care. I’m actually not sure if he would consider it worse if I had a snuggie.

Photo on 2011-11-07 at 18.18In any case, when Martin was gone, I wore the brown fleece most evenings and I think seeing me on skype looking like this inspired this blog title.

So, here is my tribute — Brown fleece: I love you. You are soft and cozy, and what can I say, I am genetically predisposed to loving fleece (just ask my mother what she thinks of fleece). I am sorry to say that now that Martin is back from his trip, you are back in the closet and have been replaced by a new soft, fuzzy, navy, non-fleece wrap that Martin brought back. (Thanks Martin!)

I’ve already been wearing the new wrap a lot, and I’m sure Martin is thankful that it will be awhile before I’m back in brown. We’ll see how long I can stay out of fleece.

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