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It has been so hot and so humid here over the past week or so that we were excited to leave Zurich for the mountains last weekend. Sunday morning we caught the train to St. Moritz and after 4.5 hours on the scenic rail route with one very patient baby (and mother) in tow we arrived in Silvaplana (just south of St. Moritz by bus). We had a quick lunch and then found a grassy spot on the lakeside to enjoy an afternoon with friends watching all the windsurfers (and tandem windsurfers?), kite surfers, and Tornado catamarans sail around the lake.


Silvaplana is apparently the summer home base of Swiss wind sports and the colorful sails and kites reminded me of summer camping trips to the Columbia River and the Oregon Coast for windsurfing with my family. The water was too cold for swimming, but it was gorgeous and made the wind off the lake perfectly cooling. It couldn’t have been a better day for a quiet afternoon outside. And, when we hopped off the train into muggy Zurich at 10:00 that night we were incredibly thankful for the mountain respite.

That night, as we lay still trying to keep cool, Martin and I made plans to find another water-related destination for this weekend. Of course, now that it is here the forecast is for weather in the 60s with thundershowers. Hopefully there is at least one more hot weekend ahead of us. I smell fall in the air, but I need just a bit more summer.

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