rigi in winter

Considering my love for snow, mountains, and water, it is really not surprising that I consider myself extra lucky to live in Switzerland, especially this time of year. Well, we finally took enough naps, deep cleaned the apartment and basement, and ran enough errands around town that the time had come to escape to the mountains. You probably already know that a favorite spot in Switzerland is Rigi. I have already written about it several times about summer hiking, stone throwing, and visiting with the cows, but this was our first winter trip.


One of the best things about Rigi is that it is an easy day trip. We slept in, had a good breakfast, and still made it up to Rigi Kulm (at the top) on the cog wheel train before noon.

Once there we spent a few hours snowshoeing down and around Rigi from Rigi Kulm to Klösterli and then back up and over to Rigi Kaltbad. All in all, it was a trek of nearly 3 hours and approximately 6 km. By the end (mostly uphill) we were happy for lunch and an afternoon spent at the Mineral Bad & Spa where we reclined against jets in the warm pools overlooking the Alps and Lake Lucerne. After our fingers were completely pruny, we took reading (me) and sauna (Martin) breaks for awhile before another soak as the sun was setting. We were so relaxed that the hike back to the train and the ride home passed quickly and we were soon back home after a beautiful Sabbath in the snow.

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