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It has been awhile since I last shared the things that have caught my eye recently. I really wanted to share most of these last week, but was so ecstatic to have my dear friend Kim arriving for the weekend that I forgot to finish the post.  Instead, we spent the weekend walking around Rigi, soaking in the indoor/outdoor pool at the Mineralbad, and enjoying plenty of time to catch-up on all the news from home.

blogger-image-1438786638-19The best part is, after some getaways this week, she’ll be back in Zürich again this weekend for the classic Bingisser Zürich tour including our favorite tourist highlights in the old town, and the best shops, chocolate, coffee, and veggie food we have to offer. Hooray for visitors!

So, now to my favorites…

  • jewels // The process of making this beautiful emerald bib necklace (via the WSJ).
  • for dinner // Fall definitely calls for more curry in the kitchen. We devoured this one last week. Finally, in memory of Marcella Hazan, I recommend you try her beloved tomato sauce.
  • psl // The Pumpkin Spice Latte made its way to Zürich this year. It isn’t one of my favorites (too sweet), but I wonder whether this homemade version might be a little tastier.
  • keeping warm // Am I crazy, or are these Dutch-made Pendleton wool coats recycled from blankets kind of cool for fall/winter layering? If not, I guess I’ll just have to put on my old Patagonia standbys, apparently now high fashion inspiration.
  • hashtags // Martin is of the opinion that hash tags are valuable in every day conversation. I disagree, but maybe I am in the minority.

  • at home with // Gisele & Tom’s LA Home = wow. And, if I lived in Stockholm, could I please, please live here?
  • fall beauty // I love the eye makeup from Marc Jacobs’ fall runway show (and the gold eyebrows at Dior). And finally, I kind of love Miroslava Duma’s style (and particularly her hair here). What do you think…should a shorter bob be in my future?

I hope you enjoyed at least one of the above links, and have a happy fall weekend!

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