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Scotland may have many dreary, dark and rainy days, but when the sun shines Scotland really sparkles. As you can see have from the above photo of Edinburgh, we lucked out. Yes, we took shelter from some serious downpours, but the rest of time it was gorgeous, and perfect weather for wandering, shopping, tea drinking, and taking in some historic sites.

DipticWe arrived in Glasgow on Friday as Martin was invited to present at the International Festival of Athletics Coaching. While he spent the rest of the weekend presenting and talking coaching and throwing, I was happy to wander Glasgow’s streets and shop. I was even lucky enough to have a friend from Switzerland also spend Saturday with me exploring Glasgow. The highlights included great conversation over Costa chai tea lattes, stocking up on cards at Paperchase, and even checking out all the crazy deals in the £1 store (the dollar store equivalent).

On Sunday afternoon we took the train to Edinburgh to spend a few days in my favorite Scottish city. We found a nice hotel (with a UBS discount) and were happy to wander. The fall colors were beautiful and it was so nice to spend hours in an English bookshop, soaking in the whole atmosphere of Edinburgh’s Anthropologie (just like home!), and revisit the castle after more than a decade away. All in all, it was a weekend getaway to remember.

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