freitag favorites + snowfall

Notice any difference between the fall colors in our neighborhood since last week’s post? This week began as fall and ended as winter.

photo-2-19Serendipitously,  the first sparkle of snowflakes and Zürich’s Christmas lights arriving together last night, and we topped off the evening with a delicious dinner at our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Bürgli. Despite the fact that we still have a week until Thanksgiving, and I haven’t even decided on our menu yet, I’ve already started my countdown to Christmas. So, this weekend I’ll be in full holiday mode.

We started this afternoon with a pre-holiday prep pilgrimage to Ikea, and this weekend I hope to start/finish knitting our stockings, put up lights and decorations, do a little holiday baking, and see a little more snow in our neighborhood.

Have a great weekend, and I hope you find some fun and inspiration in my finds from this week.

  • new year // This calendar would be a fun way to map out the daily details of your 2014.
  • cone-acopia // If I was hosting a bigger Thanksgiving dinner this year I might try my own version of this bright and fun centerpiece by Oh Joy!
  • comfort food // We just had fabulous polenta at our favorite neighborhood restaurant again and I’m inspired to try cooking more at home. This recipe is on my list.
  • tripod light // I don’t need (or have room for) another floor lamp in my apartment, but if I did I would consider this inexpensive and clever copper tripod lamp.
  • amazing commercial // If you haven’t seen it already, this new Volvo commercial is worth a watch just for the sunrise and a little Enya.

  • fancy dress // I wish I had a holiday party to attend because then I might have a reason for this dress.
  • cozy feet // Someone should get these cute slippers.
  • vegan cheese plate // I am fascinated by the prospect of this cultured nut cheese plate. I have no intention of going vegan, but I have never seen vegan cheese look so much like real cheese.
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