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Happy Friday! We had an eventful week here as we decided to apply for the apartment we looked at last week. Then we waited for an answer about whether our application had been accepted. Zürich apartments are notoriously hard to get and we have had friends that submitted applications for more than 20 apartments before finding a place. We were a little worried because some places don’t love Americans, but apparently we got extra lucky again. We didn’t have to wait the few weeks we expected…We found out yesterday that we got the place and it is so exciting!

So, the countdown to a May 1 move begins. At least all that time I spent on Pinterest last weekend imagining how to decorate the new place wasn’t a waste, and I’ll have more good things to share here after the move. We’ll be just down the lake in Thalwil and have nearly double the living space and a large terrace, and it will amazingly take me less time to get to work. Yay! Now we just need to find a new renter for our place. Anyone want to move to Wollishofen?

In other news, we also finally got more seating–a new lounge chair and ottoman–for our living room. The outside chairs are back on the patio and I may just get this place ready to share again here before the move. I also have a much more comfy chair to blog in.

This weekend I’m looking forward to our long weekend as we are taking Monday off to either sleep in (in case we manage to stay up for the Super Bowl) or watch the game in the morning. I was sad to see the 49ers lose to the Seahawks, but I’m happy to support my second city’s team this time around.

So, until next week. Enjoy your weekend, and consider my few favorites from this week.

  • super bowl snacks // Since chips and dip and other football food favorites aren’t really great candidates for a midnight snack or brunch, I implore you to try one of these game day recipes from Food52 (or perhaps these cheetos covered jalapeno poppers, minus the bacon).
  • living with hope // This essay by a young doctor about living with incurable lung cancer is so touching, thoughtful, and well-written. I cannot imagine mustering that kind of courage every day.
  • cookie monster // I may just have to use my extra day off to try these rose-scented madeleines.

{photo credit: Martin Bingisser for homeschwiizhome at the Titlis Cliff Walk}

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