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Well, this has been a pretty spectacular week! February was already off to a good start as I’m working only 80% this month (I’m taking three Fridays off in a row), and then on Thursday I received a long-awaited promotion at work, and to top it off I have also have time to enjoy lots of Olympics coverage. Not too bad for only the second month of 2014.


As for my job–nothing really changes. I just have a new rank (Director vs. Associate Director) and along with that change I get a raise and, hopefully, a little more respect at work from those that don’t know me. All in all, I feel really lucky to work with a good team and have a great boss who took a chance on me almost three years ago, and welcomed me into a new world of work. I’ve learned a lot and I’m really happy to be where I am.

So, I’m off to bake a cake before Martin gets home from work. We’re having a quiet Valentine’s evening. There is really nothing better than a lazy Friday evening shared with him, and his fabulous fondue. 🙂

I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day, and a nice long weekend as well.

  • paper + pencil // Martin gave me this Pencil for Christmas and I have been having so much fun sketching on my iPad with Paper. Check out some of the amazing images drawn with this app. My five-minute contribution this week is above.
  • nyt + sochi // The New York Times has had some great graphic Olympics features. Two of my favorites so far include this gear guide and the men’s downhill feature.
  • family + food // If you don’t already follow the blog Dinner: A Love Story, you should. Jenny & Andy’s family stories and recipes. Like many of their posts, this week’s I’ll Let You Handle That made me laugh and also reminded me how much I love oatmeal for breakfast. I’ll leave the rösti and fondue to Martin; he handles that.
  • clementine crush // I’m making this cake this afternoon for an extra special Valentine’s treat.
  • hello silver // I would love one of these metallic doormats for our new place.
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