freitag favorites + quiet weekend

This week was an excellent week for collecting favorites, perhaps because I spent more time online since Martin is off in Sweden for a week-long training camp. As much as I whined about him leaving me alone for a whole week on short notice, in some ways I don’t mind because I finally have nothing more exciting to do than catching up on random organizational tasks at home. And, since I had today off from work I also got to browse around town at the slow speed I felt like today.

So, now that I’ve had time to file all our tax and health insurance records from the last few years and finally repaired everything around the house that could be done with super glue, I’m going to sit down with a new book and relax for the rest of the evening. It will be a quiet weekend, but that’s ok.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

  • creative cardboard // Australian company Karton has created some really clever cardboard temporary furniture designs.
  • cacao nibs // I’m a big fan of adding cacao nibs to oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but Food52 has even more suggestions on how to integrate nibs into both savory and sweet foods.
  • beautiful wood // I don’t really need more cutting boards in my kitchen, but these geometrically engraved boards are still quite beautiful.
  • curling commentary // The BBC Olympics coverage seemed to have a heavy focus on curling. I did find myself sucked in from time to in close games in the 9th/10th End, but I think that the best curling coverage was with the narration of David Attenborough.
  • colorful citrus // I love the shades of citrus in this print.
  • Lego love // This tiny Lego photographer is so cute.
  • paper fashion // The construction paper fashions of an adorable 4-year-old girl were all over the web this week, and I can see why.
  • on tv // And finally, this week was a good one for TV. Not only did I laugh through this clip of Meryl Streep’s recent visit with Ellen (thanks for sharing Andrea!), but Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon had a hilarious lip sync battle.
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