freitag favorites + summer sun

Freitag favorites is finally back, at least this week. I took a little extra time off from work today and despite getting up early, I enjoyed a quiet breakfast and a chance to catch up lot of my favorite blogs. It is going to be a hot, holiday weekend here in Zürich and I’m looking forward to a little extra time lounging in the shade of our terrace with a new book (and perhaps a rootbeer float). I’ve had a bit more time for reading lately and devoured the last book, Delicious!, which was a deliciously wonderful read. I’m also excited that we are renting a car this weekend to run a few extra errands and hopefully get started on planting on our terrace garden.


  • in the kitchen // Despite the heat, I may need to turn on the oven and try out these delicious-sounding Coconut Brown Butter cookies.
  • british accents // This short video about the accents of the British isles by a dialect coach was really interesting.
  • appreciation // Another interesting article about relationships and appreciating your spouse from the WSJ.
  • second languages // I’m really surprised to see German pop up so much on this map.
  • paint // As I’m in the midst of home decorating heaven, I’ve been dreaming a bit about walls that aren’t painted white. I love our white walls now, but I think some other subtle neutrals would be nice as well. I enjoyed seeing these 10 favorites from one of my favorite bloggers and stylists, Emily Henderson.
  • thirsty // I’m always trying to drink more water at work (as well as remember to raise my desk to standing height) and this new water bottle is kind of clever. They should make lids like this for reusable bottles.
  • watercolors // If I was getting married again, I would love these watercolor and calligraphy invitations.

I hope it is sunny and summery where you are, and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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