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This week’s favorites come a day late, and with a heavy heart. When I started compiling the links below for this week’s post, I never could have predicted what I would be feeling now. I went in for a routine check-up up on Wednesday and while I’m otherwise in good health, I failed my glucose test. I was sent back to my family doctor for another blood test and two hours later the verdict was in. I’m diabetic, and I’m still in shock.

This is a diagnosis I never expected and could not have predicted and a day later, after having the results reconfirmed in more tests this morning, I’m still reeling. I suppose it makes me feel a bit better that my doctor was almost crying with me, and that I don’t feel physically bad, but somehow that makes it worse. I am stuck in a bad dream and though the logical part of my brain knows it is not the end of the world, it feels like everything about my life must change to fix something that I don’t even notice.

Tomorrow I will already start on medication and I will hopefully see a diabetes specialist next week before our vacation so that we can learn more about what type I have and how it should be treated in the longer run, but until then I am just trying to distract myself from reality while at the same time facing the fact that my already fairly healthy diet and lifestyle needs to become even more healthy.

So while I take some time to process this news, I’ll be glad for all the prayers and good thoughts you can muster, and hopefully the news will be better and happier next time.

In the meantime, I hope your weekend is off to a happier start than mine. I am at least glad to see the sunshine this afternoon, especially as we head back out to a little village near Zürich so that Martin can compete in the stone throwing Swiss Championships. Life goes on, and I will just have to adapt.

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