freitag favorites + the woolly wonders of fall

One good thing about spending several days earlier this week home alone on the couch nursing a cold and sore throat was that I had plenty of time to catch up on all my favorites online. And, while I cuddled under a blanket with my laptop and endless cups of tea, fall really arrived in Zürich. The air is crisp. The fields and forest along my running trails are foggy. The sheep are getting woolly and perhaps a little crazy (note this one kneeling to decrease neck strain while eating). And, I also layered my down jacket over my work clothes nearly every morning this week.

IMG_4763-4In the spirit of fall, old and new, I combined this potato soup (a relatively new favorite which I may have shared before) with my old favorite cottage-oat biscuits which always remind of cozy college weekends with my favorite girls in our old apartment.

So, while I settle into fall, and cross my fingers that we will see a few trick-or-treaters tonight, here are this week’s favorites…

  • I’ve always appreciated Molly Wizenberg’s approach to food and life, and I found her recent post really resonated with my feelings about cooking and food. I love to cook, for myself and others, but real life sometimes gets in the way so to me this also means that some nights it really is ok to have popcorn and apples on the couch. I probably will find time to try the Carrot Coconut Soup now though.
  • If you always take a lot of photos with your iPhone you may also find these tips via Artifact Uprising helpful. Photography is a hobby that I’ve never had the time to fully develop, but maybe I can at least more carefully consider my iPhone photography.
  • Although I mostly still greet business colleagues with an American handshake, I guess I should be thankful that Switzerland, in my experience, is consistently a three-kiss country, because keeping track of all the different kissing customs across France would be impossible for me. My (Swiss) doctor told me last week that the Swiss love handshaking, maybe for the same reason that Americans find kissing acquaintances a little mysterious?
  • This picture rail is just one more genius DIY idea from Little Green Notebook. I still cannot get over the amazing marble sink that she designed and had fabricated for her guest bathroom. Hello inspiration.
  • If you need me a pick-me-up, click on over to Emergency Kittens.

Hope you have a nice weekend!

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