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IMG_5138-1Unfortunately it seems that the only time I save for this space is when I’m sick on the couch or happily looking forward to a long weekend. Thankfully, the latter is the case this (good) Friday as we enjoy the first of quite a few public holidays squeezed onto the calendar here in Switzerland between now and the end of May.

Most of the year I wish the holidays were more spread out, but I’ll take what I can get and looking forward to both a free Friday and Monday this weekend and several more holidays later this month.

This week was particularly momentous in our household as we officially announced online the arrival of our first baby in September. While this news was not a surprise to most of our family and friends, it was really nice to share our excitement with everyone via Facebook and Instagram. Baby Bing is much loved already and most of time is already occupied by thoughts of planning for her arrival, at least when not indulging in recent (and strange) pregnancy cravings like Subway veggie delite sandwiches, pickles, pineapple, citrus fruits, and strawberries.

This Easter weekend I’m hoping to start/finish knitting a little sweater, work on nursery plans, and generally have time to pick up and organize around the house. Spring cleaning combined with early nesting means increasing productivity at home. Today’s plans include banana bread baking, closet cleaning, lounging and reading, and enjoying the sun while it lasts, as most of this week the weather has felt more fall than spring due to the heavy rain and winds.

Have a Happy Easter, and enjoy my favorite finds from the last few weeks . . .

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