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IMG_5163-1This weekend I’m excited to have another long weekend (the third in a row) and it has me wishing that every weekend was this way. As Martin said last week, “Sunday is so much better when you don’t have to work Monday.” This weekend I’m starting with a relaxing Friday off as friends (all the way) from Alaska are visiting and I get to play tour guide.

Today we explored Zürich and even though the sunny weather we’ve enjoyed all week turned to spring rain and put a bit of a damper on the scenic lake and mountain views, we still enjoyed over 5 miles of walking/wandering through the city and most of the major scenic (and edible) highlights. We have saved room for truffe brioche and perhaps a climb up Grossmünster’s tower for later this weekend, and will likely be off to Bern and Luzern later this weekend.

This week was also a few of pre-baby firsts: I bought Baby Bing her first outfit and also finished a flannel blanket so the nesting is turning up a notch. Now to just make all the decisions about the nursery over the next few months. Exciting things to come!

So, from my cozy perch on the couch, I wish you all a wonderful Spring weekend, and leave you with a few more favorites from this week . . .

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