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This week’s post is sponsored by sunshine and the sounds of waves. After just two weeks back at work, including one day back at Wolfsberg, I’m thrilled to be on vacation again where my highest priority is remembering to wake up before I get sun burned. This time I am in Crete and all I can say is that for once Martin has a competition in a location I’m really excited about.

Since this is our last big vacation before Baby Bing’s arrival, I didn’t even try to pack too light and brought along nearly every fun sample size lotion, mask, and potion hiding in my cupboard to test out. I figure days on the beach followed by a sort of spa evening is exactly the vacation I’m looking for.

So far day one was well spent on the beach and in the water. And, with only four mosquito bites so far (much better than my Turkey count) and a giant belly as an comfortable excuse for a bikini, things really are off to a good start. Now we’re off to Chania’s old town to do a little exploring before dinner so I’ll leave you with the pile-up of favorites from the last month.

As is the case recently, this week’s favorites are mostly food related. I’d love to say this is just because of the pregnancy, but it’s not.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here soon!

Today's plans… #crete #summervacay #babymoon

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