freitag favorites + last weekend away

Since the weather this past week has become quite a bit cooler and showery, I’m thrilled to report that my overall outlook on surviving the rest of this summer pregnancy is quite a bit improved. I’m not sleeping as well anymore, but with significantly less swollen feet (on average), and only three weeks and two days left of work until my maternity leave, the end is really in sight.

We have lots to squeeze into the next month, mostly for Baby Bing but also perhaps a few more trips to our favorite restaurants or the movies before those outings become too difficult to coordinate. I’m still anxiously awaiting the arrival of most of the nursery furniture, but we do have a bassinet, clothes, and a place to be changed so the basics are at least covered.

Before we settle into the final few weeks of waiting, we’re off this morning on a quick road trip weekend to Stuttgart this weekend to meet up with some friends, explore the city, and take advantage of some EU prices on important purchases like diapers and a car seat. Anyone have any must-see/do/eat places in Stuttgart that we should try to fit in as well? I haven’t been there for nearly a decade so it will practically be a new city for me.

Enjoy your weekend, my recent faves, and I’ll see you back here again soon.

Happy weekend!

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