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With just two and half weeks until my due date, I’ve definitely entered the stage of pregnancy where people wherever I go really look at me like I’m going to deliver a baby at any moment. I’m pretty confident that Baby Bing is going to stay put for a bit longer, but I am happy to have only two more days of work before my maternity leave begins. (And, just 10 days until my mom arrives for almost a month.) Not only am I excited about becoming a mom and a family of three, but also all the visitors that Baby Bing will bring our way this fall, and in the future.

This weekend we’ll be spending some time putting together the nursery, figuring out the stroller and car seat, and generally trying to enjoy our last days as a couple. The weather is nice, but not too hot and I’m thrilled to have some time to test out my new gliding chair and relax a bit as well.

I’ll be back here soon to share more photos from around the house and nursery, but in the meantime I leave with you a few more of my favorites from the last two weeks . . .

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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