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We’re so thankful that Martin’s mom was visiting for the last two weeks and sad that she flew home this morning. Martin is off to a hammer training weekend in Ticino, so Reese and I are cozy at home for a lazy weekend. We don’t have anything planned except talking, walking, smiling, reading, napping, knitting, and maybe watching Gilmore Girls. Reese has been doing lots of smiling, cooing, and toy grabbing lately and it is so fun to watch her grow-up a little bit every day.

I’m also very, very excited about my sister’s arrival next Thursday and thinking about all the fun things we can do and places to explore while she’s here. We’ll be putting some finishing touches on the nursery and lots of walking and exploring around town.

In the meantime, I’m off to catch up on laundry while Reese naps. I may even have time to take a nap myself. So, I leave you my favorites from the past week . . .

  •  My job title, like many job titles these days, can be difficult to understand, especially for those working outside banking/finance.
  • I’m always looking for new veggie burger options and even though these new options have fairly long ingredient lists, they would still be fun to try sometime.
  • Thanks to my super helpful and sweet mother-in-law, Martin and I were able to go see The Intern last weekend. Not only was it a funny, heartwarming film, but I also now have major wardrobe/set envy.  I’m determined to step up my work attire on my return, especially after wearing so much lounge clothing lately, and would love to dress more like Anne Hathaway’s character, Jules. Can I also live in her Brooklyn brownstone?
  • These beautifully redone mountain cabins in Southern Switzerland would be cozy and fun to stay in for a family winter holiday getaway.

I wish you all a nice weekend!

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