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Thanksgiving was extra special this year even though we didn’t host our normal friendsgiving dinner. Not only was it Reese’s first Thanksgiving, but also my parents arrived on Thanksgiving afternoon. Since we won’t be together for Christmas, it has been especially fun to spend this first part of the holiday season together. We’ve had some snow, wonderful hot chocolate, Grittibänz (Swiss bread men) and mulled cider, and hunted for nutcrackers and treats at the markets. We have so much to be thankful for.

IMG_6390-1Reese is busy growing and changing. She’s really diversified her cooing vocabulary and is getting really chubby (now 6110 grams / 13 lb 8 oz) and taller. Just in the last few days she’s started laughing, rubbing her eyes when she gets sleepy (which is so cute), and really, really enjoys playing with anyone who is around.

Today we’re off to do some more shopping and exploring around Zürich, and we’ll hopefully have time to pick out our Christmas tree as well.

I hope you all have a great weekend, and here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks:

  • I guess we missed this baby naming trend, but we can keep Lux Bingisser in mind for our next child.
  • We had this spiced pumpkin crème brûlée after our belated Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday night and it was so delicious I may have to make it again tonight when we have leftovers.
  • I’m still hoping to find the time to finish a sweater for Reese before Christmas, but if I had more time I would be working on these heirloom wool ornaments and finger knit bows.
  • I cannot wait until Reese is old enough to help with some Christmas baking wearing this adorable apron.
  • We have a faceted mirror in Reese’s nursery and she already loves smiling at herself while on the changing table. This DIY mirror would be a great way to create a similar look.
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