freitag favorites + holiday wishlist

This week’s freitag favorites are selections from my dream holiday wishlist. Some of these items are realistic giftables, others maybe not such much, but all make my list of fun, cozy, and covetable objects this season. Though Christmas is less than a week away, it isn’t too late to dream . . .

(clockwise from top left)

And finally, while we have no plans for New Year’s Eve this year (or really any year),  I still love these inspirational looks from Anthropologie. Sometime I’ll have a place to wear that dress, or a chance to wear the second look out to dinner (and not have drool on my shoulder).

I wish you all a wonderful mid-December weekend. I’m off to enjoy a long work-free weekend with Martin and the babe which will hopefully involve some cool walks, staring at the Christmas tree, baby giggles, and family cuddles.

Schönes Wochenende!

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