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Reese post-swimWell, I did it. I survived my first week back at work and it really wasn’t bad at all. Of course I would have preferred to be home longer, but thanks to Martin’s mom, it was easier to leave Reese at home knowing she was loved and perfectly cared for all day. Reese was her chipper self playing at home and I was back in the office to clean out my email inbox, catch up on all news, and get back into the routines of the office. I didn’t feel guilty leaving her at home, but I did miss the hours that I would have had to play with her. And I will miss our Reese and mama lazy mornings. But, I think a three day work week will work out just fine. It also helped that we had time to start a new mama-baby swim class this week (especially exhausting for Reese, apparently).

Work itself was slow to start as people start to realize I’m back. It’s nice to have that time to catch-up and transition. One thing I had forgotten was how sedentary my job can be, despite all the walking to the printer/meetings/coffee/restroom (and, of course, the mother’s room for meetings with my breast pump). So, once the work part settles, the how to fit more exercise into those days while still maximizing Reese’s wakening hours will be the next challenge. In the meantime, I’m just going to relish every big smile, giggle, baby cuddle, and drooly raspberry kisses that I get as soon as I come home.

This weekend is a holiday weekend due to Sechseläuten, which I just referred to today as the “snowman/groundhog day-like holiday” to my family, and which Martin wrote about a few years ago. I’m not sure we’ll be up for fighting the crowds on Monday, but we’re definitely glad for a long weekend for family time.

So, I wish you all nice Spring weekend, and leave you with my favorites from this week . . .

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