wish-listed // 06.2016

june-wishlistMay went by in a flash and we’re already starting off June with muggy, gloomy weather and thundershowers. Usually the thunder, lightning, and heavy rain is isolated to Reese’s room at night (her bedtime white noise), but this week we’ve seen everything from chickpea-sized hail, huge raindrops, double rainbows, and muggy, sunny afternoons. On that note, I’m feeling all sort of love for things that remind me of the best of summer days–bright colors, short (baby) shorts, and sunshine.

Here’s what is topping this month’s wish-list . . .

  1. This month’s top pick is Longchamp’s perfectly-sized, summer bright, crossbody handbag, perfectly sized for my wallet, phone and a few other essentials (namely sunglasses, see below, and my diabetes accessories).
  2. Last weekend we enjoyed wandering through some new Zürich shops during the Kreislauf4+5 and one of my favorite finds were the Viu sunglasses at Making Things Women. My mom and I had fun trying on all the different styles. The classic, oversized Pride and the fun & funky Beau were my favorites. Thoughts? One cannot have too many sunglasses in summer.
  3. I love this lightweight enamel baking dish from Riess’s new collection, perfect for roasted veggies this summer.
  4. With every warm day it’s time for more baby chub on display and Reese’s chunky legs would be so cute this summer in another pair of Billie Blooms. My current favorites are the Luna and red + white stripe (via Noble Carriage).
  5. We’re in the midst of refreshing our bedroom, mainly upgrading our nightstands from the original wobbly Ikea pair that never really survived our move. I know Martin is especially excited about the prospect of some new art over our bed as he’s not a big fan of the current vintage botanical prints. This cool painting by Linda Colletta could be nice.
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