wish-listed // 07.2016 { july 4th edition} 🇺🇸

july-wishlist2Summer is here, and we’re enjoying some heat at the moment, perfect for sightseeing around Switzerland and planning our next jump in the lake. This month’s color palette is, amazingly, wellt-timed for today (Happy Birthday, America! 🇺🇸). Hope your fourth of July is filled with sunshine, family, fireworks, and fun too!

Here’s what is topping this month’s wish-list . . .

  1. The best part of summer-time may be Reese’s chubby legs on display and I’m loving dressing her in easy soft rompers like this sweet watermelon bubble onesie from Rylee + Cru.
  2. Since my sister arrived, we’ve been busy plotting a living room update, with a focus on updated lighting and some end tables. I had this Tord Boontje Midsummer light back in Seattle more than 10 years ago and, though I didn’t bring it to Switzerland yet, it is definitely a contender for brightening one of our living room corners.
  3. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to embrace a bikini again, but this one from Marysia swim is so cute. I love their one-piece maillot’s as well.
  4. Reese hasn’t grown into her first pair of Salt Water sandals yet, but I’m ready for another pair. I love this update on the classic style.
  5. This fun copper side table from Bloomingville is also high on the list and would bring a little shape diversity to our living room as nearly every other table is round.
  6. Summer is all about easy style for me and I especially love wearing simple but unique studs at the moment like this labradorite pair from Melissa Joy Manning. These little octagon studs and herkimer diamonds are also very cool.
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