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Oh, what a week.  The kind of week that started off with discovering that the dry cleaner lost the silk liner slip that goes with my favorite dress, only to have them tell me that since they cannot find it, I actually lost it. The kind where an annoying IT problem at work cannot be fixed all week because IT assumes it fixed itself since they cannot reach me, after calling “multiple times” one minute apart while I’m away from my desk. Yep, that kind of week.

Luckily, it’s sunny and warm, I have today off, and it will be an extra long weekend as Martin is also off on Monday for Swiss National Day. (Yay!) Today, Greta, Reese, and I are headed for one last full day of shopping and swimming around town. We’re meeting a friend for lunch and will hopefully find some iced coffee along the way. Tomorrow, we’re headed to the mountains for one last day trip before Greta heads home on Sunday.

All in all, the last month has been a blast. We squeezed in so much fun and many projects, and it has been especially fun to see how much Reese has grown. She now has a hop-a-long scooting crawl now and will gleefully try to follow us around, sometimes temporarily getting stuck under furniture along the way. We installed a baby gate at the stairs and now she’s free to head over to her toy basket and bookshelves for her new favorite activity, dumping everything out. We’re working on her real crawl, but so far she prefers the half bunny hop. Her first top teeth are starting to come in, and she is so proud every time she does something new, like play her slide whistle. How can it be that she is nearly almost one? Time to think about a little party.

IMG_9645 (1)Well, we’re off to town. I’ll leave you with my favorites from this week . . .

  • Ranch Redo // I love how this 1950’s ranch house has been redone, especially how it opens to the backyard. I’m certainly not going to find this in Switzerland, but if/when we move back to the US I would love to redo one.
  • Summer Drinks // These mocktails are on my radar for our next hot afternoon on the terrace.
  • Candlelight // I definitely could use one of these Homesick Candles, but I’m not sure that the Northern California candle can really capture the feeling of home. Washington might be more accurate.
  • Dark Chocolate // These dark chocolate energy bites sound yummy to me.
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