freitag favorites + still california dreaming

It’s been awhile since I shared any freitag favorites, but lately I’ve had a few good ones piled up to share. I had planned to share these before our LA trip but I ended up caught up in other things. So instead of saying “Woohoo!” about 10 days of Southern California sunshine, which I enjoyed even more than expected, I’ll now just say “Brrr” upon coming back to more winter at home. We even had a little dusting of snow this week so it is definitely not shorts weather anymore. However, it is definitely not as frigid as South Korea is right now.

So, I’m off to watch the opening ceremony and try to get more in the Olympics spirit this restful weekend at home. Have a nice weekend, and enjoy my recent favorites . . .

  • oatly // Have you seen/tried Oatly milk yet? Apparently it is on the rise in the States, though we have had it here for some time and it seems to be a fave at newer coffee shops as a milk alternative. I’ve had it several times, but have yet to try at home. It had a nice neutral flavor but didn’t seem to froth as well as soy milk, and as a diabetic, I prefer milk alternatives to be a bit less carb-heavy so I’m not sure it will become my new fave.
  • dream home // It’s safe to say that if I could live in a place as cool, bright, and gorgeous as the HGTV dream home in Gig Harbor, WA, I would be moving ASAP. You can still enter the sweepstakes daily, and if you win, we’ll take it off your hands and come home.
  • corn or flour //  This fascinating article in praise of the flour tortillas (thanks for sharing Martin!) makes me even more excited to be back in the SW US and in search of some great Mexican food.
  • queso // Speaking of Mexican food, I’m adding this delicious-sounding queso to my list of nacho toppings to make sometime soon.
  • sweaty // I’ve been thinking a lot about attempting the switch to a natural deodorant. I’m really fearful of the anti-perspirant element disappearing though, and especially of being wet and stinky this summer. This doesn’t sound like fun for me (or colleagues and fellow train travelers) this summer considering our general lack of AC here in Switzerland. However, the more I read, the more it seems that once you get over the whole detox adjustment period then things actually improve. So, I’m looking to Goop’s summary of options, many of which I’ve seen well-reviewed elsewhere, for some to try.
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  1. Greta
    Greta says:

    Natural deodorant plus Swiss humidity and lack of AC equals MAJOR pit sweat. I don’t think I’ll ever be talked out of my antiperspirant.


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