freitag favorites + frigid zurich

I meant to post this a few weeks ago, when we were all ending the week a little under the weather, but oops. I mean, how is it even March already? This week is ending about the same as a few weeks ago, with both of us fighting off some late winter congestion. So this weekend we’re laying low, enjoying cuddling up inside and all the snow outside, and thankful that the so-called Beast from the East is on it’s way out. (I can feel my cheeks again!)

We’ve had some good days in the mountains over the last few weekends, even if fairly short and foggy. We’ve been down to Bellwald twice, looked at a couple mountain properties, and are excitedly in the midst of negotiating our own place to be finished this fall if all works out as planned. Even the old barn stall could be ours soon!

In the meantime, I’m pinning and planning like crazy (yay!) and happy for a quiet weekend with more time for sleeping in, reading, and not much else.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy some faves from the last few weeks . . . 

  • arctic zurich // I loved running across these historical photos of Zurich’s freezing winter history.
  • toddler yogi // If you follow me on instagram, you probably already know how much I love Gathre mats. We love ours for protecting tables from crafts and pumpkin carving, sitting on the beach or at the lake, and also diaper changes and potty training. Now Gathre is launching cool yoga mats, including toddler and child sizes, in the same wipeable vegan leather and I’m really looking forward to getting one for barre 3. Reese may just get one too. Pledge to the project on kickstarter and you’ll save 25% off the future retail price.
  • balloon fun // Reese would die to have one of these confetti balloon dogs she could walk around. She is deep into her imagination these days, which is so fun. When we were in LA, she got a free helium balloon on a string and the second day, with the balloon no longer floating, she proceeded to walk it everywhere as a dog named Anything. She told it not to bite, petted it, and fed it. It was hilarious and, surprisingly, the balloon did not pop on the concrete for the whole next day.
  • snacking // This is exactly the wrong article to read while in the middle of a 21 day cleanse, but let’s just say queso experimentation is definitely on my agenda for late March. Yum.
  • and dinner too // And these yummy-looking sweet potato enchiladas are also on my to-bake list.
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