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freitag favorites + ☀️☀️☀️

Happy Friday, friends! The arrival of the weekend is especially nice this week after several really busy days at work. At least I finally had enough time to catch up on projects and really clean out my inbox. Now I’m thrilled to be looking forward to some warm, sunny days (hopefully followed by cool evenings) with […]

wish-listed // 06.2017

With all our May visitors, too much to do at work, and lots of nice weekend days for summer hiking and mountain days, I’ve not had a lot of time (or even the desire) to spend my evening on my computer too. Now, things have quieted down and we’re back to just the three of […]

freitag favorites + cinco de mayo

Another week has flown by, and I’m happy to look forward to a quiet work-free weekend out with my two favorite people. Hopefully the sun will come out at some point, especially as we missed our opportunity for grilling and good mexican food for Cinco de Mayo tonight and are hoping nice enough weather for Seis […]

wish-listed // 05.2017 {birthday, again}

I cannot believe May is here, especially since it snowed last week. Considering the bright palette featured above, I must still have summer colors on my mind. With Martin still away in the US for a wedding, Reese and I are chilling at home and hopefully going to get some sunshine or playground time in. The countdown […]

fixer upper fanatic

Two weeks ago, in the depths of a long weekend filled with nothing except feeling really sick, and moving between the couch, bed and the bathroom, I decided to buy a season of Fixer Upper on iTunes to watch while feeling miserable. Somewhat unexpectedly, I got sucked right in and became a total fanatic. Even Martin (mostly) enjoys […]

bonkers for bärlauch

When I first moved to Switzerland 6 years ago, one of my first big adjustments was discovering that I may not find the produce I was looking for at the local grocery store (usually Coop or Migros), especially if it was either too late (or too early) in the season. I was already a pretty seasonal cook in […]

wish-listed // 04.2017 {spring}

Spring is here, and the warmth and sunshine of the last few days is definitely filling my head with thoughts of spring cleaning, seasonal bright colors, and a wardrobe refresh. We’re spending the weekend trying to kick the last of our colds, cleaning up our terrace after winter, and just generally enjoying time in the […]

freitag favorites + spring forward

My freitag favorites have really been piling up around here since I’ve been especially busy the last weeks between a week in Washington, D.C., for a conference and some sightseeing, as well as having lots of fun time with my parents back here hanging around town, touring the *must-see* Monet exhibit at Fondation Beyeler, stopping by the Vitra […]

wish-listed // 03.2017

I’m back from a week of sightseeing (and conferencing) in Washington, D.C., and we experienced both winter and spring while we were there so that is a bit what I’m feeling still right now. I’m still searching for more of winter’s coziness with snowy days, candlelight, and soup, but I’m also looking forward to more […]