freitag favorites + my christmas countdown

Finally it’s Friday. This week seemed extra long, but at least a lot was accomplished including the timely mailing of Christmas cards and packages. And, after two weekends visiting various Christmas markets with Martin’s mom (including Zürich, Einsiedeln, and Bern) I’m now stocked up on chocolates and treats for presents and guests. (The photos in this post are both from Einsiedeln.) Hooray for Christmas and visiting family in just 12 days! Read more

freitag favorites + freedom

Well, I’ve done it. German B1 is complete. I seriously surprised myself with my result this time as I really had negative feelings about the whole test experience, but now I just have to find the courage to keep speaking more and more. Luckily my teacher wants to also improve her English so we will start a so-called “tandem” in January and help each other, probably speaking English one week and then German the next. And I also have to force to speak more at work instead of defaulting to English, which is probably the biggest challenge. Read more

freitag favorites + catch-up weekend

Well, that was a fast week, but I am especially happy about a break this weekend as I seem to be fighting off some sort of fall flu. After surviving a full more training session at work, I’m home and bundled up on the couch this afternoon bemoaning the fact that I’ll be home alone for two weekends in a row as Martin has athletics-related events both this weekend and next. I have made a long list of tasks around home that I want to catch up on though so perhaps I’ll make some progress, as well as read some magazines, clean out my closet, and think about plans for our Christmas vacation. (I am so excited that my family will be here this year!) Read more

freitag favorites + visiting friends

It has been awhile since I last shared the things that have caught my eye recently. I really wanted to share most of these last week, but was so ecstatic to have my dear friend Kim arriving for the weekend that I forgot to finish the post.  Instead, we spent the weekend walking around Rigi, soaking in the indoor/outdoor pool at the Mineralbad, and enjoying plenty of time to catch-up on all the news from home. Read more

freitag favorites

It didn’t seem like Friday today but instead a strange casual Monday as we had another mid-week holiday for Ascension Day yesterday. It was nice to *sleep in* on a Thursday until 7 am and eat a leisurely breakfast while reading. My only wish is that sometime we could have a mid-week where the stores actually remained open for some shopping. Alas, that is not possible with holidays here. Read more