holland holiday

The Trip


Our recent family trip to Amsterdam in mid-August was the perfect way to enjoy the end of summer as well as celebrate our anniversary and Martin’s birthday. Initially, we planned the trip around the possibility of seeing Jason Isbell in concert in Utrecht but, though the tickets were really inexpensive, a Wednesday night concert seemed like it might be a difficult date to manage considering our work schedules. The tickets were so cheap though (EUR 15) that we bought tickets just in case. In the end, it turned out to be the best motivator to actually plan a short trip. Martin strives to visit a new country each year and, though he has technically been to Amsterdam’s airport before, this trip also crossed off his new country list for 2016.

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chilly copenhagen getaway

While we certainly cannot complain about our vacation schedules here in Switzerland, nor our proximity to so many wonderful destinations, we still get stuck in the regular routine of jobs and weekends full of errands and catch-up at home just like we would if living anywhere else. Read more

exploring ephesus

IMG_4412-4All the days of sun and water allowed us to rest up for our next adventure–exploring ancient Ephesus (Efes). At first I was a little hesitant to leave the sound of the waves behind to drive several hours through rural Turkey to get to the city ruins, but Martin was eager to go and so we set out one morning after breakfast. Read more

take me back to turkey

Last month’s trip to Turkey was the first vacation we’ve taken since our honeymoon in August 2011 which was longer than 3 days, not scheduled around proximity to a hammer ring, and did not involve visiting family. Now don’t get me wrong, we have taken many longer vacations, and I absolutely love seeing family and friends anywhere and I don’t even mind a well-planned trip including hammer throwing, but this time it really was so nice to just have more than a week of sun-filled, easy relaxation. Read more

scenic scotland

Scotland may have many dreary, dark and rainy days, but when the sun shines Scotland really sparkles. As you can see have from the above photo of Edinburgh, we lucked out. Yes, we took shelter from some serious downpours, but the rest of time it was gorgeous, and perfect weather for wandering, shopping, tea drinking, and taking in some historic sites. Read more

last summer getaway


Just two weeks ago, I left dark and stormy Zürich on a Thursday morning to join Martin in Nice for our last summer getaway. Martin’s final big meet of the season, Les Jeux de la Francophonie, was the perfect excuse for a long weekend along the French Riviera, and after just 45 minutes in the air I was already looking down on the last summer sun sparkling of the Mediterranean. I was content with nothing more than just a weekend alternating lazing by the pool with lazing by the sea. And so that is what we did. (See instagram for more photos from this spot.) Read more

florence by foot

In Italy we took the travel exploration approach we almost never take–near aimless wandering. I am a big fan of planning for trips, and one of my favorite ways to plan them is to compile all the sights to see on a custom Google map. From museums and viewpoints to shopping and restaurants, my thoughtfully curated Google maps have made our trips to Paris, Vienna, and London, extra fun and efficient. One of the best reasons the maps work is that they highlight the neighborhoods we want to explore and make it easier to match sightseeing, shopping, and eating in one area and one day. Read more