wish-listed // 12.2017 {ultimate christmas}

Wow, just 10 days until Christmas. We’re here at home, happy for the weekend, and even happier that my parents have arrived for the holiday. We’re all recovering from colds so it’s nice to have some fresh energy available to play with Reese. It was also so cute to see her sheer joy and excitement when she saw Grammie and Grandpa. Tomorrow we’re all headed to the mountains for a long weekend of r + r. Hopefully it will be cozy and snowy and just what we need to really get into the holiday spirit.

So, since it is already so late in the month, I’m only sharing my ultimate Christmas wish-list. Just a few of my favorites for the season that are just a bit out of my price range. Enjoy and hope you all have a wonderful weekend too . . .

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wish-listed // 10.2017 {fall faves}

Here we are halfway into October and already deep into fall colors, and it’s definitely having an impact on the items I’m loving this month. Fall colors and jewel tones, firelight, and cozy suppers. And I’m almost counting down to the holidays already.  I’m deep in the midst of transitioning my drawers from t-shirts to sweaters, prepping my fave flannel sheets, and also cleaning up my phone screenshots, tabs, and other random notes and links of all the things catching my eye lately. So here are my top fall favorites . . .

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wish-listed // 08.2017

I just accepted that it was July, and now it’s August. Summer is still flying by, but at least we have squeezed a bit more outside exploration in the last week to add to our list of summer adventures. Today is Swiss National Day, so we all enjoyed the day off work, although we ended up spending most of the morning deep cleaning around the house. Reese graciously offered to “dust the cracks on the bench” with her favorite dusting mitt, ride the vacuum, and use her “piggy broom” (dustpan set) to brush up some dust bunnies.

This afternoon we took a much-needed restorative (if hot) walk around the Türlersee, a short 15-minute drive for our house but seemingly much farther from the city with it’s quiet waters and lots of friends and families enjoying the water, paddle boarding, and swimming on this holiday afternoon. It was the perfect way to stretch out after an unexpectedly tough hike on Saturday (more on that later) and a nice break from the normal mid-week grind.

With Reese off to bed we can get back to binge-watching The Tunnel, eating ice cream bars, and generally enjoying the last few hours before “the Tuesdays” (my depressed version of a Sunday night before going back to work) sets in.

So, here’s what is topping my wish-list for the rest of summer . . .

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wish-listed // 07.2017

How can it already be July? I feel like the summer is already picking up speed and I’m not even ready for it yet. Today the weather is cooler and breezy and we’re excited to be celebrating a friend’s wedding this afternoon. Even Reese is excited about the “hochzeit,” primarily because she finally gets to wear the dress I set out for her last week. I’m also excited for an opportunity to dress up for a summer party. And, for my American friends, hopefully you also have some summer fun planned for patriotic holiday weekend. We won’t be doing anything special for the 4th, but maybe we’ll plan a burger night sometime this week.

In the meantime here’s what’s on my wish-list this month, with hot days, cold drinks, and fun accessories in mind . . .

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wish-listed // 06.2017

With all our May visitors, too much to do at work, and lots of nice weekend days for summer hiking and mountain days, I’ve not had a lot of time (or even the desire) to spend my evening on my computer too. Now, things have quieted down and we’re back to just the three of us. Martin is off to Houston for a conference this week and this means my evenings are going to be a lot quieter for a bit so hopefully I can catch up on the backlog of post ideas (and home projects) I’ve had in mind for awhile.

At the moment, I’m thankful that Martin took Reese to the track for hammer/scooter training this afternoon, so I get a little break from a busy toddler and time to listen to my audio book while doing laundry and finally pulling together my June wish list ideas. So, here’s what’s topping my wish list this month . . .

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wish-listed // 05.2017 {birthday, again}

I cannot believe May is here, especially since it snowed last week. Considering the bright palette featured above, I must still have summer colors on my mind. With Martin still away in the US for a wedding, Reese and I are chilling at home and hopefully going to get some sunshine or playground time in. The countdown is on for the arrival of Martin’s sister and her husband (!) next weekend, then Mother’s Day weekend, then my birthday weekend we’ll be in London (!), and then some more friends are coming at the end of month, so we’re in for a good month. Here’s what’s topping my birthday wish-list this month . . .

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wish-listed // 04.2017 {spring}

Spring is here, and the warmth and sunshine of the last few days is definitely filling my head with thoughts of spring cleaning, seasonal bright colors, and a wardrobe refresh. We’re spending the weekend trying to kick the last of our colds, cleaning up our terrace after winter, and just generally enjoying time in the sunshine together. Here’s what’s topping my wish-list this month . . .

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wish-listed // 03.2017

I’m back from a week of sightseeing (and conferencing) in Washington, D.C., and we experienced both winter and spring while we were there so that is a bit what I’m feeling still right now. I’m still searching for more of winter’s coziness with snowy days, candlelight, and soup, but I’m also looking forward to more spring sunlight and shoes. Here’s what’s topping my wish-list this month . . .

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wish-listed // 02.2017 {happy valentine’s month}

I’m a little sad to say goodbye to January as with February beginning it already seems like winter is almost over and I haven’t had enough snow/mountains/skiing/snowshoeing/etc. yet this year. At least instead of mountain weekends, I’ve had ample time for early spring cleaning, re-decorating, and lots of cookie baking. So here’s what’s topping my wish-list this month . . .

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wish-listed // 01.2017 {happy new year}

Happy New Year! We’re just back from a wonderful holiday back in the US. Between a super jet lagged baby, coming down from the high of seeing and now missing all the beloved friends and family we saw over the last few weeks, and the major annoyance of a still lost suitcase, I’m really struggling with the prospect of returning to work tomorrow. Plus, all this cozy, snowy weather isn’t helping my desire to leave the house. So, I’m doing my best to spend the rest of the afternoon thinking only good thoughts, and doing a little planning for this space this year.

While I’m still reveling in all the fun little treats and presents we received over the holidays, I have my eye on some new finds for the new year so here’s what’s topping my wish-list this month . . .

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