a slow start to spring

Once again I am falling behind as a blogger. Work catches up with me and when I get home it is all I can do to throw something together for dinner and spend a few hours with Martin before climbing into bed. Ever since we got back from the US in January my routine has been off. I’ve been too tired to get up as frequently for the gym in the morning and the lack of consistent exercise limits my energy level even more.  It hasn’t helped that the beginning of Spring in Zurich has been so wintry.  Given this, I couldn’t have been more excited to join Martin at a spring training camp in Tuscany for 10 days and recharge my battery. Read more

outstanding olympics

I must admit that going to bed last night and knowing that the Olympics were over for another two years made me pretty sad. I have always been a big TV fan of the Olympics, but this one was the first I saw in person. It was also the first one that felt international and exciting, but also closed to home. I’m not sure how to describe that feeling well. I’m not sure I would be as excited about the Olympics in Rio. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that London is familiar enough that I wasn’t completely overwhelmed with all the other things I wanted to do and see and so we could really just enjoy (and focus on) our day at the Olympics. So, in memory of that great experience here are few photos and thoughts. Read more