mysteries of paris

We encountered several things on our Paris trip that confused us. This sign was in the middle of the Place Dauphine. Given the question marks penned on the bottom of the sign,  I guess we aren’t the only ones that wondered what this particular sign is prohibiting. No families in this square? Adults may not hold the hands of children? I have no idea. Do you? Read more

spring in paris / part III

Monday and Tuesday were spent exploring shops and bakeries around Paris, as well as several more exhibits. We started Monday with a wonderful breakfast at Angelina near the Louvre. Angelina is well known for delicious signature hot chocolate and the array of pastries, fruit, and eggs warmed us up for the day of exploration. Read more


spring in paris / part II

Day two (Sunday) of our Paris weekend started off fairly early. Martin got up and was off to the metro to head to the outskirts of Paris for one of two training sessions throughout the weekend. In the meantime, I stayed in and planned our itinerary for the day — the Auguste Rodin Museum, Hotel des Invalides, and La Tour Eiffel. I enjoyed the beauty of the gardens outside Rodin’s chateau. Afterwards we joined the crowds of Paris marathoners on the Champs Elysees to climb the narrow stairs of the Arc d’Triomphe and see the streets of Paris spoke out into the city. Read more

spring in paris / part I

Since our move I have been hoping and planning for a long weekend in Paris. I’ve saved the names and locations of restaurants, shops, bakeries (and more bakeries), and planned returns to some of the landmarks for years. Given the sheer volume of places on my list I would need to move there in order to see all the sights. Read more