freitag favorites + summer watch guide

This weekend is one of the few this summer that we’re just a family of three at home. We’re loving all our visitors, and are excited about even more to come over the next few months, but it is nice to be just us and not have any real plans for the weekend. We’ll likely end up hiking again, but otherwise we’re plan free. Maybe I’ll even catch-up on more posts about our recent adventures. In the meantime, on to this week’s favorites.

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swiss floral patterns (and other bedding challenges)

One of the most debated topics Martin and I considered once we knew we were moving to Switzerland was whether to get American- or European-sized beds. We knew that we would most likely be returning to the States in a few years and we wanted to make sure that we could get the best long-term value for our money. Eventually we settled on European-sized beds. After a lot of searching, we found two beds that were firm enough for Martin and soft enough for me, and seemingly the only Swiss beds that use springs (and not just foam) for support. Read more