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As most of you are not Swiss-based readers, you probably have not have heard about the latest historical preservation feat completed here in Zurich.  A 120-year-old, 6,200-tonne building was moved in one piece 60 meters westward using hydraulics and railway tracks in order to save it from demolition due to the expansion of the railway line. The entire journey took 19 hours.  You can see it here.  I found the relocation of this building particularly interesting as I once met Martin for lunch at a restaurant called Gleis 9 on the ground floor during my first Swiss summer in 2010. Read more

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As I settle in to life in Zürich I thought it might be a fun to start a blog series about the little things here that are different from my former life in Seattle. So far, I’ve found new favorites and frustrations, but nothing that I cannot learn to appreciate, or at least adjust to, eventually. Read more