resolutions for 2017

Here we are already halfway into January, and I’m just now finalizing my resolutions. Some of us, like Reese, just go at the year full tilt already have met major milestones in 2017, like walking. Others, like me, think about resolutions but struggle with following through.

The last time I posted my resolutions here was in 2014, and some of these are still high on my list. I only accomplished half of that list; thanks to Sonos and Spotify, we definitely listen to more music (#3), and we’ve done pretty well on travel (#4), including to spend more time with our friends and family, and keeping a spirit of adventure (#8-10).

So, before January rushes by, here’s my new list, in no specific order. I’m bringing back a few on the list from 2014, and I’ll take any tips on improved accountability. Read more

freitag favorites + the unexpected

This week’s favorites come a day late, and with a heavy heart. When I started compiling the links below for this week’s post, I never could have predicted what I would be feeling now. I went in for a routine check-up up on Wednesday and while I’m otherwise in good health, I failed my glucose test. I was sent back to my family doctor for another blood test and two hours later the verdict was in. I’m diabetic, and I’m still in shock. Read more

looking forward: new year, new resolutions

I’m not much into New Year’s resolutions. I’ve always tried to make a few each year, and in the end they tend to be the same year after year: good goals. Some years I make more progress than others. Then I married someone totally against making New Year’s resolutions and somehow, in admiring how it is that he can live with such unswerving determination and purpose without goals and resolutions, my own fell by the wayside. Read more

just don’t call me katie

I’ve always loved my name and its simplicity. However, something gets a little lost in translation when I order drinks at Starbucks now that they have started taking names with drink orders (and now that I’m sucked into more regular purchases while waiting for the morning tram from the gym to my office). Yes, we are a little behind here in Switzerland. The Starbucks hand stamped loyalty card was just introduced a few months ago, along with the request for names. Sadly, the Starbucks gold card is still unknown. Read more

life without martin / a tribute to brown fleece

While Martin was away in Seattle, Kamloops, and the UK he suggested a post with the above title. You see, I have an addiction to fleece. The problem is that after I get home from work I immediately change into more comfy clothes, and usually this means that I put on my favorite brown fleece zip sweatshirt. I am loathe to admit it, but occasionally I also wear brown fleece pants that don’t entirely match the sweatshirt. (Martin hates this combination.) I don’t find it stylish, but since I’m looking for comfort, I don’t care. I’m actually not sure if he would consider it worse if I had a snuggie. Read more