wish-listed // 04.2017 {spring}

Spring is here, and the warmth and sunshine of the last few days is definitely filling my head with thoughts of spring cleaning, seasonal bright colors, and a wardrobe refresh. We’re spending the weekend trying to kick the last of our colds, cleaning up our terrace after winter, and just generally enjoying time in the sunshine together. Here’s what’s topping my wish-list this month . . .

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wish-listed // 01.2017 {happy new year}

Happy New Year! We’re just back from a wonderful holiday back in the US. Between a super jet lagged baby, coming down from the high of seeing and now missing all the beloved friends and family we saw over the last few weeks, and the major annoyance of a still lost suitcase, I’m really struggling with the prospect of returning to work tomorrow. Plus, all this cozy, snowy weather isn’t helping my desire to leave the house. So, I’m doing my best to spend the rest of the afternoon thinking only good thoughts, and doing a little planning for this space this year.

While I’m still reveling in all the fun little treats and presents we received over the holidays, I have my eye on some new finds for the new year so here’s what’s topping my wish-list this month . . .

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wish-listed // 11.2016


November is off to a good start with a morning spent swimming with Reese followed by a quiet afternoon, a long nap (Reese), and enjoying the sun shining off the last of autumn’s leaves (me). I just want to curl up with a good book and stay cozy for the rest of the week. But, since I’ll be off to work tomorrow, I’m keeping my spirits up by thinking about some new accessories. So, with that in mind, here’s what’s topping this month’s wish-list . . .

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