it’s been too long

IMG_2727I have been silent in this space for so many months that it has taken me the past few weeks to even figure out where to start again. Last fall flew by, a whirlwind of activity beginning with a visit from Martin’s family, being extra busy at work while my boss was on holiday, enjoyed a long weekend to Vienna, and finally capping off the year with three weeks back home on the West Coast with our families. Read more

freitag favorites

Today’s weather confirmed that fall is almost here. The thunderstorms are no longer muggy and tropical, but are instead accompanied with crisp, cool air and darker skies. With rain in the forecast through the weekend (at least), and Martin away for a weekend meet in Ireland, it is definitely going to be the perfect early fall weekend to relax, read books, and enjoy time spent cuddled under a blanket. Read more

freitag favorites + celebrations

DSC00473Apparently we like to pack our Augusts with momentous occasions. Last year at this time we were just married and headed off on our honeymoon in Basque Country. And, with my soul left behind somewhere in California for awhile, Martin’s birthday was under-celebrated. This year, I hope I made up for that.  Yesterday our friends Kibwé and Crystal (and baby Brooklyn) arrived for a post-Olympics recovery holiday and, as it was also Martin’s birthday, we celebrated in his honor with a delicious dinner at one of our neighborhood favorites, Restaurant Bürgli. Dinner was followed by a cookie tower (with precariously placed candles) for the birthday boy as that was his most-desired dessert wish this year. Read more

freitag favorites + sunshine

Perhaps this sunshine map of Europe explains why it seems like Zürich has had five days of rain for every two with sun lately. For awhile the forecast was stuck on cloudy with 100% chance of showers. I’m not complaining about the weather here, and I love a good cozy day when it is pouring rain, but it really isn’t summertime yet here. I’m still waiting for some consistently 80º days. (They better arrive before my mom does or she really will need to break out the fleece she is already planning to packing.) Perhaps this city we now call home has more in common in with Seattle? Well, I am no weather aficionado, but there are only a few cities between Seattle and Zürich on Wikipedia’s list of worldwide cities by latitude. Read more

freitag favorites

As most of you are not Swiss-based readers, you probably have not have heard about the latest historical preservation feat completed here in Zurich.  A 120-year-old, 6,200-tonne building was moved in one piece 60 meters westward using hydraulics and railway tracks in order to save it from demolition due to the expansion of the railway line. The entire journey took 19 hours.  You can see it here.  I found the relocation of this building particularly interesting as I once met Martin for lunch at a restaurant called Gleis 9 on the ground floor during my first Swiss summer in 2010. Read more

our zuri tour

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of introducing our city to Martin’s cousins Mike & Katie who stopped for a long weekend at the end of their a whirlwind European tour through Germany, Croatia, and Switzerland. Given how far we are away from our family and friends in America, there are few things better than visitors (especially if they arrive with magazines and Sour Patch Kids). Read more

chocolate hedgehog

Woodland creatures and foliage in the form of chocolate and sweets are popular this time of year. This is the cutest I’ve seen so far. I wish I had come across it before my cousin Kurt, who collects stuffed hedgehogs, left Zurich. I suppose he may not want to eat a chocolate one though. Read more

the hildebrands say hello

It was our pleasure to host our first family visitors a few weeks ago when my Aunt Jeanne and cousin Kurt spent a long weekend with us in Zurich. Kurt is spending a year working as an RA for a school in Denmark and as he had a fall break from work, Jeanne met him Denmark so they could explore more of Europe together. It was Jeanne’s first trip to Europe in 30 years, and Kurt’s first visit to Switzerland, so it was fun to have such excited travelers eager to see new things. Read more