officially employed

As most of you already know, I got a job! And my first day is tomorrow.

My years of waiting and looking and trying to be patient are ending. Thank you God! And, thank you to all of you for your prayers, encouragement, and reminders that my time would come.

One of  best part of my first UBS interview - the coffee.

One of  best part of my first UBS interview – the coffee.

The love and support of my family and friends (new and old) held me together. I kept busy with temporary jobs and projects you helped find for me, and having the time and flexibility to spend time with Martin was particularly a blessing.

All of you told me to enjoy my free time. I said it was easier to enjoy it when I wasn’t poor and losing confidence in my skills and experience. Well, I finally truly enjoyed the last few weeks of job-free freedom with a well-timed trip to California for a mini-break with all my favorite girls.

Well, let me tell you a bit more about the job. I’ll be working for UBS, a Swiss bank and the parent company to Martin’s employer, UBS Swiss Financial Advisers. At the recommendation of one of his former supervisors, I applied for a compliance position in February as a Compliance Specialist with Corporate Center supporting implementation of UBS’s U.S. Person Policy. This policy outlines their relationship with prospective U.S. clients and ensures that they don’t contravene any U.S. laws while providing banking and investment services. The job revolves around correct application of the policy and helping client advisors determine whether and how UBS can take on prospective clients. Additionally, the team is responsible for helping train others on applying the policy. It all sounds fairly dry, but the advantage of this position is that team is new so there will be a lot of challenges to keep me busy, and I’ll have the opportunity to learn about the world of banking and finance and get to know more of the UBS lawyers supporting the work. This will be a great opportunity to figure out exactly which UBS legal team might be the best fit for me in the long-term.

Wish me luck! I’ll report back later on how my settling in to my new routine.

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