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I cannot believe how fast August and September flew by. So much has happened since my last post and I don’t know where to start. Hopefully this explains my blogging paralysis. I will do my best to catch up over the next few weeks.


First, let me begin with a shout out to Martin for another win at the Swiss Championships in Basel on August 5th. Martin discusses the competition (and new PB of 67.90 meters) on his blog so I recommend reading that for the best summary. Despite the chilly weather and torrential downpour, seeing his smile after that throw made me completely forget how much I was missing my rain boots.

The Sunday after the Swiss Championships we flew from Zurich to San Francisco and were thankful my dad spent hours and hours in the car (stuck in traffic) to pick us up and drive us home. (Love you Dad!) A half a Chipotle burrito and a detour to Starbucks also made the trip even more tolerable.  In my opinion the best moments of the drive were:

  1. Listening to a hilarious story on “This American Life” which brought back my own appendicitis memories. (I highly recommend you listen to Act 2, at least once, if you haven’t already.) 
  2. Hearing Martin explain his sleepiness in the car. In my family, we just explain jet lag by joking that our soul was left somewhere along the way. This explains that sort of absent, empty, and discombobulated feeling. Here, Martin just stated, “I only calculated I had to stay awake until 9:00pm.” As I recall, we made it to my parents’ house around 11:00 pm.

The rest of the pre-wedding week flew by in a blur of last minute preparations, family time, program preparation (i.e. last minute dip-dyeing), and enjoying as much time as possible trying to not be stressed. I also squeezed in an eye exam and teeth cleaning and enjoyed a few minutes in Ashland with Martin before everyone started arriving.

Words cannot express how absolutely wonderful it was to see and spend time with all our family and friends! While I’m glad to be done wedding planning, I truly do miss having such a wonderful excuse to gather all of my dearest friends together and catch up more regularly. And whether we talked for a few minutes at the wedding or had the chance to catch throughout the whole weekend, it truly was the presence of all of our friends and family that made the weekend extra special for me.

As for the wedding itself, it was a near perfect day. The weather was amazing, the food was delicious (and I actually got to sit down and enjoy it), the decorations were beautiful, and I cannot be more happy to be Martin’s wife.

We have really enjoyed all the pictures friends and family shared with us and now there are even more to enjoy. Our amazing photographer Ryan Wilcox of You Look Nice Today Photography just sent along this link to all our photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have so far.

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