hallo heidelberg

The last weekend of May was the last of the long weekends peppering our holiday calendar thanks to the public observance of so many Easter-related holidays. In April and May alone, we had 6 public holidays not including several shortened work days in advance of the holidays. For those feeling jealous, keep in mind that we are now without public holidays until Christmas except Swiss National Day in August. While days off are nice, I do somewhat miss the spread of holidays in the US.

In any case, our plan for the weekend involved a quiet Friday evening before heading off Saturday morning for a night in Heidelberg, Germany, before heading on to Fränkisch-Crumbach for another hammer throwing competition. We had an afternoon to explore all the sights of Heidelberg, and it was particularly fun to have such a scenic city as a reason to explore some of the features on my amazing new birthday camera. We had fun playing with the panoramic shooting feature. (Click on the panoramic photos to view them full-size.)

DSC00044 DSC00018 DSC00015 DSC00022 DSC00025 DSC00028

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