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This week was fairly uneventful. I had a busy week at work and I felt like I spent way too much time sitting and not enough time in the kitchen, with my camera, or exploring. It was also the week the weather turned warm. Tomorrow it is set to be 87º and I am very much hoping that the AC will suddenly be readjusted below 80º at work. However, the warmth will make the lake extra appealing this weekend and, it is now the last Friday before my parents arrive in Switzerland. I cannot wait! I’m so excited to see them, and to have a good reason to take a week off from work. Our itinerary isn’t set yet, but I’m sure I will have more time for my camera and exploring and less time for sitting. I am so excited to show them around here, visit and hike, build up my reserve of neck massages (thanks Mom!), and watch the Tour de France with my Dad.


  • London countdown // My Olympics countdown has also started. I’m revving up with hours watching the US Olympic Trials, the European track & field championships, and filling my stamp album with lots of fun new commemorative stamps. I received the stamps above from the Isle of Man post this week.
  • Travel Reference // The WSJ on finding the best fares to Europe. Apparently about two months out is the best deal.
  • Cooking // I need this app from Gilt Taste. I guess I’ll have get an iPad first though.
  • Eating // I love this post on taste testing jarred tomato sauce, and I’m surprised that the Trader Joe’s options ranked so low. This reminds me of the Bullock family root beer taste test. Oh how I miss Henry Weinhard right now.
  • Haystack // My allergies would probably prevent me from living in this cleverly thatched Dutch house.

Well, I’m off to enjoy a quiet evening.

Schönes Wochenende und Schön Sabbat!

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