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Yesterday was Swiss National Day and we enjoyed a mid-week day off to sleep in, workout (Martin) and take a long run (me), watch the Olympics, and see The Dark Knight Rises. I also took some time to go through the rest of my photos from my mini-vacation around Switzerland with my parents a few weeks ago.

As I look back, I am reminded of the diverse beauty of Switzerland and how much more we still have to see around this country. From hikes to lakeside views, we saw sights old and new that awed us. Here are some highlights. It is really amazing that it isn’t rainy in any of these photos as it rained for so much of the week. It dampened some days of wandering, but it did make everything we saw even more green.


DSC00203 DSC00202 DSC00199 07 08 12_1384 DSC00204 DSC00209

LUCERNE (and the lake)

DSC00214 DSC00219 07 08 12_1410


07 10 12_1359 DSC00241 DSC00228 DSC00249 DSC00234 DSC00253


DSC00351 DSC00262


07 11 12_1329
DSC00287 DSC00295 DSC00307 DSC00293


DSC00309 DSC00311 DSC00314



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