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Today’s weather confirmed that fall is almost here. The thunderstorms are no longer muggy and tropical, but are instead accompanied with crisp, cool air and darker skies. With rain in the forecast through the weekend (at least), and Martin away for a weekend meet in Ireland, it is definitely going to be the perfect early fall weekend to relax, read books, and enjoy time spent cuddled under a blanket.

I am especially thankful for the weekend as we have had a very busy week. I started German classes again two evenings a week (M-W); we had friends over for dinner on Tuesday; and last night we spent the evening at Weltklasse Zürich. Tonight we briefly met up with friends visiting from London afterwork, and then Martin headed off to Tipperary via Dublin.

Before I head off to bed, let me share a few pictures from our evening at Weltklasse Zürich. I really enjoyed our excellent view of the blur of the steeplechase runners and the debut of Cooly, the new dancing bull mascot for the 2014 European Athletics Championships in Zurich (pictured below with Usain Bolt).

DSC00575 DSC00579 DSC00584

Some favorites from this week:

  • Rustic Travel // A photo tour of some of Switzerland’s scenic mountain huts.
  • Office Supplies // Some of you know already that I am big fan of Caran d’Ache ballpoint pens. They write well, and the neon shades are particularly fun. Needless to say I have no plan to switch to this new pen for women by Bic anytime soon (via Refinery29).
  • Wardrobe // I cannot imagine a closet lined in blue leather, but I did find this closet commentary quite funny.

Have a wonderful, restful weekend!

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