summer highlights

As you can tell from my absence here, we have had an excellent summer that has flown by with hardly an opportunity to properly reflect. We have been so blessed to have spent some weeks with our friends and family exploring new sights and returning to old while back in Seattle and Portland. I loved having my parents (and Aunt Jeanne too!) here for two full weeks with plenty of time to see more of Zürich as well as head to the Engadin and Northern Italy for biking, hiking, and lazing by the pool.


Then, after returning to work for only two weeks, Martin and I flew back to Seattle to see his family, attend a beautiful wedding, and then spend some time in Portland with more family and friends. I cannot think enough about how nice it was to just share more of our daily lives here with my mom and dad, and then also to relax together on holiday as well. Just shopping with my mom and my sister, and staying up late visiting with friends was enough to make my year complete.  Being home with friends really brings out the homesick in me. Really the only true downside for me about living here (and it’s a biggy) is the distance from you / all of my favorite people. But with so many upsides—our jobs, the work-life balance, the vacation time, etc.—it is hard to whine. I know we are in the right place for us.So, looking back, here are a few summer highlights . . .

Engadin / St. Moritz / Soglio / Lago Maggiore / the windy road home

Martin’s Birthday Burgers

IMG_3150 IMG_3151 IMG_3155

Bike Ride down the lake / Anniversary Dinner at Bürgli (our favorite)

IMG_3167 IMG_3175 IMG_3174

And now, fall is on the horizon. I know this not only because I felt a cool crispness in the air on my run this morning, but also because Martin has traded shorts for sweatpants around the house, and I have turned the oven on at least 5 times in the last 10 days for baking.  Fall is really my favorite season. My internal calendar turns over and a new year begins. I am ready to put on the heavier down comforter (though the weather is still too warm), and re-organize the house.  I am already preparing for our next visitors later this month (yay!) and counting the days until I am with family and friends again.

I hope to see you back here soon!

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