last summer getaway


Just two weeks ago, I left dark and stormy Zürich on a Thursday morning to join Martin in Nice for our last summer getaway. Martin’s final big meet of the season, Les Jeux de la Francophonie, was the perfect excuse for a long weekend along the French Riviera, and after just 45 minutes in the air I was already looking down on the last summer sun sparkling of the Mediterranean. I was content with nothing more than just a weekend alternating lazing by the pool with lazing by the sea. And so that is what we did. (See instagram for more photos from this spot.)


Truthfully, we did a bit more. We had some great dinners (and a few too many pain au chocolat). We explored Nice’s old town (and all the local edible specialties–from olive oil to honey (and chocolate, of course). We also accepted the fact that France is a wonderful place to visit as long as you don’t expect tidy streets or timely public transportation. We’re just a bit spoiled here in Switzerland, I guess.

DSC01521 DSC01527

On Saturday, after a leisurely breakfast and a walk around town we hopped on the train for a 20 minute train ride along the coast to Monaco. The ride itself was worth the fare as we saw past inlets and coves filled with yachts, sail boats, and swimming docks. It would have been a good day to be on the water. However, it was also a good day to walk all over Monaco. The streets were unexpectedly quiet for a Saturday (apparently everyone was at the casino or the yacht show).


We stopped in front of the palace, saw a wedding party outside the same church where Grace Kelly became a princess, and visited with the sea creatures at home in the beautiful Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. They seemed quite happy.

The best part was we had no agenda. We are already thinking about our return trip. Next time, we’re bringing friends.