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I’m not much into New Year’s resolutions. I’ve always tried to make a few each year, and in the end they tend to be the same year after year: good goals. Some years I make more progress than others. Then I married someone totally against making New Year’s resolutions and somehow, in admiring how it is that he can live with such unswerving determination and purpose without goals and resolutions, my own fell by the wayside.


Don’t get me wrong, this is not Martin’s fault. In fact his living with intention is one of the most admirable traits of his character. Sometimes it is annoying how good he is at this. (It does explain how he can get up five days a week and train, twice a day, rain or shine, dark or light, even when I try to get him to sleep in or skip a practice to do something else with me.)  So this year, I really want to be more intentional about the habits that form my days and get back to my old standards, or even better ones. I’m off to a slow start, but I’m still trying.

  1. Unplug, especially at bedtime. This resolution is dedicated to Martin in honor our first annual, informal marriage performance review inspired by this WSJ article. This one is especially for him because he is tired of the super bright iPhone/iPad screen in the dark and the routine that currently has me scanning Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest before bed only to discover that it is already 11:30pm. Then I wake up tired and turn off my alarm instead of going to the gym. So this resolution also goes along with sleep more, sleep better.
  2. Spend more time with God, in worship and in prayer.
  3. Listen to more music. I’m already well on my way with this one since we signed up for Spotify last year and have been happily streaming more and more music on evenings and weekends. It is also fun because listening to more music at home also means more dancing Martin 🙂
  4. Travel near and far. This resolution will be fun to fulfill. Now we just need to narrow down the travel possibilities for the year. Scandinavia? Iceland? A tropical island (please, please)? Home to California for Christmas, I hope. Paris (again)? And, someday, an African Safari. We’re starting small with a ski/winter weekend in a few weeks and then will go from there. After all, we have to do something with all this vacation we earn.
  5. Read more. For quite awhile last year my only reading was limited to the Audible audio books I listened to while running, on the tram to work, and then at home while cleaning. Somewhere along the way I got too tired to actually reading a book and yet I really missed reading. Luckily, since German ended in November, I have found more time and a few good books to get me back into the groove. Please send along any recent favorites. My Christmas Kindle is ready for more.
  6. Rebuild my morning (workout) routine.  I’m going to wake up and check my Instagram, then facebook, then email and get up with my alarm (except on weekends) and head out for the gym, running, or breakfast, and then get to work so I can get home earlier.
  7. Dedicate more leisure time to leisure (instead of my task list). I used to really like Sunday until I started working again and most of my Sundays seemed absorbed in cleaning the apartment and catching up at home. However, we have found a pretty efficient cleaning routine now and it is time to let more of my leisure time be leisurely. More knitting, crafting, and (hopefully) more blogging.
  8. Find more ways to bring all these feet together again.


  1. Build and sustain the spirit of fun and adventure that began this year.


  1. And finally, keep in better touch with all of you, my not nearest but dearest friends and family.

Wish me luck, and I hope your new year (and any resolutions) are off to a good start.

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